• “We placed this outside in our garden area, a place that we enjoy being but so do the mosquitoes.  We had our first outdoor event this weekend with the family and not a single bite.  We didn’t have to spray ourselves with mosquito repellent and got to enjoy dusk without swatting and itching.  If this keeps working we’ll become a regular purchaser!”

    C. Jones Homeowner
  • “I bought this product for our front and back yard.  Initially I didn’t think it was going to work but we haven’t had a mosquito bite all summer.  All my neighbors are wondering how we can have outdoor barbecues’ without fighting off swarms of mosquitoes.”

    S. Hope Homeowner
  • "We utilized the MosquitoPaQ™ 15-day product on our outdoor Veranda for our Father’s Day Lunch and Golf Club outing. Since the 1st of June, we’ve had 6.5" of rain, and have seen increased mosquito activity. We positioned our MosquitoPaQ’s several days prior to Father's Day, and have had no mosquito activity around the veranda for the time that we had the PaQs in place. We also talked with several of our guests that dined outside regarding any issues they may have experienced with mosquitoes, and all surveyed said they had no issues at all."

    PGA General Manager Golf Club
  • "I along with two family members personally tested the repellent at a local attraction, Treetop Trek, an outdoor ziplining and agility challenge course in a very densely forested, and wet swampy area, and can say we had no issues or activity with mosquitoes. I give the product high marks for quality. Thank you."

    D. Tomczak Outodoorsman
  • "We took two packs of MosquitoPaQ™ no-bite ZONE 7-Day with us to Myakka State Park, Florida.  We broke the frangible seal before we started the hike.  By the time we got to the camp site, the pouches were activated.  Placed one pack on each side of our 20' x 25' campsite. We also put some MosquitoPaQ™ no-bite ANYTIME™ Lotion on us. The surrounding folks who were camping near us were swamped with mosquitoes except for our site. It worked perfectly, no mosquitoes. We walked by the pouches to look at some spiders and the area was filled with mosquitoes. They don't come anywhere near us."

    D. Polat Camper
  • "On behalf of BBC, Faith Coalition on Gun Violence (FCGV) and Richland County Sheriff's Department, we would like to say thank you. We placed the MosquitoPaQ™ Outdoor Zone pouches in key areas around the park on the Wednesday before the event. There was an area that had a small pond where mosquitoes were abundant. When we returned on Saturday for the actual event, no one reported getting bit by any mosquitoes. We kept them about 5 feet so that little kids would not mess with them and so that they were at a level that would be effective on mosquitoes."

    P. Bradley Event Organizer
  • "Our property is located behind an industrial park. There is a building on one side and a creek on the other side. The property has many trees and sides of creek are ideal for mosquito breeding. The past 6 months the property has been treated with MosquitoPaQ™ ZONE 15 day pouches and not one employee has been bitten during this period."

    P. Bradley Property Owner