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Penta 5 Natural was founded to leverage the growing purchasing habits of consumers to purchase items online. Penta 5 Natural exclusively markets and distributes products packaged by Penta5 USA, LLC and it’s affiliated companies.  All of us who work at the Penta 5 group of companies are deeply concerned for the environment and in humankind. We are committed to distributing only products that can make a difference in the quality of people’s lives.

Founder / CEO
R. Charles Murray

Charles Murray is the CEO and Founder of of Penta 5 Natural.  Prior to starting Penta5 USA and Penta 5 Natural, Charles began his career with South African Breweries where he held a variety of senior positions. In 1987, the Murray family immigrated to the US and joined a small Chicago packaging company. In 1990 he joined Klöckner Packaging Machinery as VP Marketing and Sales in Sarasota. With the reorganization of Klöckner in 1995, he founded, with his family, PPi Technologies GROUP, a supplier of StandUp pouch and tray machines used to package food, drinks, drugs, household products and chemicals. In 2008 he started Redi-2-DrinQ Group for packing beverages into pouches.  Charles has been a senior member of the packaging industry and has over thirty years of experience managing packaging companies. He holds a BS in Chemistry and a MBA in Marketing. He is also a Fellow of the British Bottlers Institute and a Member of the Institute of Packaging. Mr. Murray holds more than thirty packaging and process patents, several of which have been licensed.

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